Feeling Sneezy? Pollen Peaks In Dallas’ Allergy Forecast

Feeling Sneezy? Pollen Peaks In Dallas' Allergy Forecast | Dallas ...

DALLAS, TX — Break out the Zyrtec. Allergy season is in full swing in Dallas, and if you’re a seasonal sufferer, you’re well aware of the recent influx of pollen.

Here’s the bad news — sufferers hoping to stave off sneezes won’t have much luck this week. The Weather Channel has given Dallas an allergy ranking of “high” for Tuesday, meaning tree pollen is filling the air and causing “poor” breathing comfort.

As the week progresses, the prognosis gets worse. Days from Wednesday through Saturday will bring with them serious allergy episodes as “very high” pollen counts spread through the air.

While Tuesday’s sole allergen is tree pollen, grass pollen will join the onslaught of irritants starting Wednesday.

This week’s grass pollen forecast is “moderate,” meaning it shouldn’t cause any additional allergy problems for those already suffering. That said, this irritant should remain on your radar as warmer weather and the storm season bring fresh grass growth to North Texas.

There is good news, however. Ragweed pollen will remain at low numbers throughout the week. At least we’re avoiding the allergen triple-threat.

Visit The Weather Channel for allergen maps and more information on pollen counts in the forecast.

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